Saturday, December 5, 2009

Georgia Here We Come!

My kids are a little concerned that Santa might not get the message that we are celebrating Christmas a day early.  Good thing I have connections!  We are leaving Christmas day to go visit "the cousins" (all 15 of them 12 and younger) in Georgia till we track back on at the end of January.  I can't wait.  With these silly contractions that won't stop and Martin with his new job, we figured we needed to have some more company.  Let's just pray that Jessica will still love us after we're gone! 

What have we been up to? (If you can survive without pics then keep reading)

Thanksgiving was nice and small.  It was just our little family with no time frame to worry about and the house was not in the least ready for company.  It was great.  The kids got to explore the turkey, inside and out, and even gave the poor thing some spanks.  We enjoyed making rolls together and the rest of the meal.  I have quite the little chefs. 

We had two birthdays:  Ammon is now TEN and Hyrum is 3!  Since when are they allowed to get older?!  Ammon is becoming quite the young man and loves to be a "baby-sitter in Training". I can't wait until he can be THE babysitter.  Two more years and I have a Young Man.... wow...

Hyrum is an absolute dream little boy.  He is my shadow day and night.  I love the way he wraps his little arm around my neck, manages to squeeze it and play with my hair all at the same time.  I haven't met anyone yet that isn't in love with that little boy.  Now if we can just get through this -into everything stage- then life will be good.  (A HUGE thanks to Kristy who took him for this entire week for help with these contractions)

I am entirely done with Christmas shopping and have it wrapped and all.  Now I just have to pack for our Georgia extravaganza!

Public Service Announcement:  There are less than three weeks away from Christmas!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I've been WICKED!

IT WAS A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!!

Thanks to my friend Jackie and her amazing husband for the tickets, we had a BLAST together.  I tried to put up more pictures, but I am really not liking the new uploading feature on blogger....
Anyway, we had a great night filled with a trolls, Fondue with no Fondue, blocks of Downtown Denver, and GREAT seats!! 

I must say, I had everything pretty much figured out except two things.  I loved how the music soundtrack takes out key words to allow the listener to not be completely clued in. 

As for the cast, I thought Ga-Linda  did a really good job, and Elphaba was the "Standby" not the lead, and not the understudy... I'm not sure what that means, but she did an okay job.  It seemed liked she struggled in the beginning and then came on really strong the second half.  Almost like the character herself.  All in all though, she did a good job.  I couldn't complain with any of the rest of the characters.

Heavens knew I needed that night out... literally.  I can't wait to go again with the Hubby on Nov. 21st!  :)

Friday, October 9, 2009

100th POST!!

I happened to notice that my next post would be my 100th.  I am at a point in my life that I need/want to be very conscientious about the things that I have been blessed with... here we go... (this is more for me, than for you, don't feel obligated to read :)  )

I am Grateful that/for:

100.  Today the sun is shining through my gorgeous red maple
99.  I woke up in my husband's strong arms holding me tight
98.  My children tell me randomly throughout the day that they love me.  And sometimes, they even wake me up in the middle of the night to make sure I know it.
97.  Peanut butter gets gum out of everything
96.  I love watching my children grow into their own.
95.  I love how chocolate does true healing for the soul
94.  I watched my four boys standing/sitting around the computer and I fast forward in my mind seeing this band of brothers being a force for good
93.  Comfy pants are my friend.
92.  I get to be pregnant again.  And so far so good
91.  Music is my escape when I need to feel heaven closer
90.  I am reminded daily that I am not alone in my earthly journey
89.  For my home
88.  For the mountains that I see glimpses of when I drive around town
87.  Seeing snow fall, watching it cover all that is dirty and unclean, and seeing it transform things to into "new" again.
86.  Good food
85.  Excercise and the way it makes me feel after a good workout
84.  The miracle of modern medicene and the chance to use it any time
83.  My new leather sofas! :)
82.  Good games to play with family and friends
81.  Neighbors who care and are good friends
80.  My husband when he stares at me like I am the only thing that matters
79.  When Tyler feels my sadness coming on and transforms into the most sensitive person I know.  He has saved me many times.
78.  Family time.  The pure magic of laughter and memories being made.
77.  I am not on bed rest and am able to take care of my children.
76.  Family Home Evening and the chance to teach my kids anything important
75.  Changing of seasons- the old fading away, and embracing the new
74.  Aaron's ability to plant ANYTHING and it will grow.  He has a gift!
73.  Family that has been there time and time again.  Even if I won't ever be able to repay.
72.  My family is healthy in every sense of the word. 
71.  Watching Dad wrestle/play with the children and the way he can make everyone feel included.
70.  Heavenly Father has always provided us with necessities.
69.  Even though permanent marker has NOT come out of our new leather couch, it reminds me, that I won't have a 2-year-old forever.  Strangely enough, I will miss it.
68.  When my kids help their siblings, not because they were asked, but because they saw a need
67.  The way Ammon questions everything and is not satisfied until he understands
66.  The opportunity we have to choose in every decision and that are kids know they can choose for themselves as well.
65.  The way I feel when I am in the temple.  All my earthly sorrows seem to melt away. 
64.  Laughter.
63.  My ability to play the piano. 
62.  Warm fluffy jackets when it's cold outstide
61.  When the Spirit speaks and I listen and do
60.  Talking to my "phone-a-friends"  You know who you are! :)
59.  Having a clean house.  I feel so accomplished! (not today though :)  )
58.  Emily's desire to be a mom "when she grows up"
57.  Tickles!
56.  Good books to read that leave you wanting to change your life for the better, or gets you thinking about something you have never thought of before
55.  Shoes.  I have become somewhat of a shoe-a-holic.
54.  Going on a date with the honey
53.  Scrapbooking!
52.  Friends who care enough to care
51.  Kids who play without being destructive!
50. I am loved unconditionally by my kids and husband.
49.  Hyrum... if I try to expound, it would take up the rest of the numbers!  :)
48.  For blessings that are given, when I didn't know I needed them
47.  Martin's ability to reach down and pull me up when I saw no way out
46.  Family vacations.  There is something about getting away from the day to day and just having FUN
45.  That I have a bank account.  With money in it.
44.  Watching my kids learn new things and see the light turn on
43.  I live in a free country, free from bondage, and protected by brave men and women.
42.  For the luxury's that I often take for granted, like running water, electricity, heat.
41.  Computers!  They make things SO much easier.
40.  Callings that make you learn and grow.
39.  People that listen to the Spirit and help
38.  Elder Bednar's talk about his experiences with family scripture study and family prayer in this last conference.
37.  TV shows that are wholesome and let me veg out every once in a while.
36.  The way it feels when I do service
35.  Listening to the accomplishments of my children when they are so proud of what they did.
34.  The examples of others when it comes to parenting.  I have MANY role models.
33.  My mother-in-law and her involvement in my children lives. 
32.  Teamwork.  Everything goes better when everyone pitches in.
31.  Hugs.
30.  Smiles
29. Knowing looks and small notes
28.  Shopping! 
27.  Kids saying thank you without being prompted
26.  Feeling an overwhelming feeling of love towards my family and the blessing it is to have them
25.  Organizing, even it will be undone not long after
24.  Getting a GOOD night sleep
23.  Traveling.  I love to travel!  Airplanes, hotels, sights, everything
22.  My kids have good friends. 
21.  Small initmate moments with my kids.  When hopefully they know that they ARE my world
20.  Blogs and the chances to catch up without a conversation (is that bad?!?)
19.  My ring that I always wear that reminds me of my daughter.
18.  Hearing my kids pray and what they pray for.
17.  Reading books to my kids and having them all gathered around me
16.  Seeing my kids struggle with a problem and see them rise triumphant all on their own
15.  The trust that our children have in us, their very imperfect parents
14.  Friends that will love me no matter what
13.  Obedience and the freedom that comes with it
12.  The Book of Mormon and the power that comes into my life when I read and apply it.
11.  The chaos that is constantly in my home.  Without the chaos, my house would be lonely!
10.  Living prophets who are on the watchtower.
9.  The blessings of the Spirit to calm my troubled heart
8.  The power of the priesthood
7.  For my "Liberty Jails" that teach me of the blessings to come and that it is worth all the heartache and afflictions
6.  For the temple so that I am sealed to ALL of my family
5.  For wet kisses, tears to dry, hearts to mend, and knees to clean
4.  Angels
3.  My children.
2.  My husband.
1.  Eternal Perspective

I have much to be grateful for.  My life is blessed. 

Thursday, October 1, 2009

What a Night!

As part of my church responsibilities, twice a year, my board and I put on leadership training for those who teach the children in our church. Last night, we had our 2nd one of the year. It went great! My section consisted of the following:

We had 4 different rotations and I had the "Arapahoe Stake Primary Resource Room". I had gone to Salt Lake City for a day trip just to go to the resource room they have there. I took a lot of pictures and based the room off those. After many hours of formatting and trying to print the papers, I think it turned out quite well. You will have to excuse the ghetto chairs. There were definitily NOT enough easels to go around so we had to improvise! :)

Okay... that was the last picture! The one above is a roller box where you can have the children or in our case, the adults, make artwork, attach it to the dowel and tape all the pictures together to make a scroll. I made 11 of these boxes, one for each ward. It was fun putting all the pieces together.

We had a really good turn out, the Spirit was there, and I think all had fun. I have GREAT ladies to work with! Now on to the Primary Programs! :)

Da Bear....

Are you surprised when you visit my blog and I have actually UPDATED it?!? :) Thanks for being faithful.... :)So Ammon is an official Bear. He worked hard to get it and is very excited to be a Webelo next month. He is so cute whenever he gets his awards. He tries not to show how proud he is, but it just beams from him...

You'll notice our beautiful family picture... the bunny ears.... the casual choking... ahhh... my family... :)

Way to go Ammon! We love you!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thank you Mock Trial....

Because I never really explained what happened on that fateful day in June here is a quick summary:

After doing a safe merge from a Right Lane Must Turn Right lane to through traffic, I got pulled over for "crossing the solid white line" and was given a 4 point ticket and a 100 dollar fine. The problem was, the officer was behind a landscaping trailer several cars behind me and there was no way he could see where my tires actually crossed.

So this brings us to yesterday:

I made it to the courthouse about 45 minutes early. I hoped to see a few trials before mine to see how it all went. We had everything from "I throw myself at the mercy of the court" and the female tears with the wave of the hands to dry them.

I listened at the same words as the judged droned on about "due to the experience of the officer" and blah blah blah, I watched how every person got pronounced "guilty." Things were not looking in my favor.

As I was watching the last trial before mine, in walks in the law himself. He sat down just as cockily as he had when he strode up to my car. I smiled. I was going to enjoy myself.

When it began, I was happy, smiley and very polite. The prosecutor asked the officer questions and I was surprised when he gave some incorrect facts..... oooo-ooo I got him! I took a few notes, added a few more questions that I would ask when it was my turn to cross-examine him.

When I asked the questions, I got a few "I am not sure's" and "I can't recall's" on some key points. My hopes were raising just a little.

Now stopping the story here for a moment... the trials before, the prosecutor would never redirect questions or give a closing statement... She and the judge were really not all that interested in the cases that they had before them.... Until mine.... :)

After I questioned him and she redirected some questions to me, it was my turn. I presented this:

Of course it wasn't this small in court. I had blown it up to cover almost an entire foam board, large enough for everyone to see and of course made copies for everyone else to reference. Martin said that when the Prosecutor and the deputy saw my board their eyes got really big and seemed impressed. I also brought out five photographs with various shots of the intersection.

I showed how it is impossible to see where a car actually crosses the line when behind, especially in heavy traffic. I noted that he wasn't sure where the line actually started. I had poked some pretty major holes.

After I had finished, the prosecutor wanted to ask me some questions, she never cared to in the trials before, remember? So she asked me some pretty irrelevant questions and tried to make their case seem stronger. The judge even got in on the questioning of the deputy!

And then.... She gave a closing statement! I was shocked! So of course, I gave mine, pointing out all the inconsistency that the officer stated during his testimony. I believe I had given a doubt....

As the judge deliberated out loud, it seemed to be going really well in my favor. Most of the points that I had brought up he validated. He said it was hard because he believes that both parties gave their side to the best of their perception yet we had some inconsistencies. So as we get nearer to the desicion, I started to hear the same blither blather I had heard earlier, due to the experience of the deputy... And I thought to myself, "Oh this isn't good. I lost." I heard, "It is beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant is GUILTY"... every eyeball including the clerk that had been helping raised their eyebrows in surprise. I think everyone thought I had it.

So bottom line, do I regret going through with it? Not in the least. It was fun to be a "lawyer" in real life just like I had practiced in high school. My only regret was that I didn't try to sneak in a,

Friday, August 28, 2009

And down from the heavens came a TORNADO!

Okay, I know I am a little behind the times.... here is a quick update for you "out of towners".

Picture this:
1. At the beginning of June we were sitting in Sacrament meeting (the first hour of our church services). When we were interrupted with this announcement, "Ladies and Gentleman, if I could get all of you to stand up and move to the sides of the chapel, right now, there is a tornado forming right above our heads."

We quickly obeyed, there was no panic, but a few tears from Tyler, and we waited out the sounds of golf ball sized hail and wind pounding on the roof of our church. Of course my concern was to keep our family safe and together, and Martin's thought was, "Cool! Let me show the kids! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity!" So unknown to me, most of my family were outside checking it out.

2. Once we were safe, church was canceled and we went home to look at the damage. Our tree had been shredded as if it had been placed through a paper shredder standing up, and there was pea to GOLF BALL sized hail everywhere as if it had snowed. We made sure everyone was safe and we marveled at what had just happened. Here is a picture of the tornado.....
So after we calmed our nerves and talked about what a cool story it was, the excitement kind of fizzled away...


We had our most awesome insurance USAA, come out and look at the damage. This is a incomplete list of things that the adjuster mentioned in his report:
1. A new roof
2. A new back fence
3. New window screens
4. A new trampoline (at least the net and pads, etc)
5. Pressure wash and seal the back deck
6. New patio furniture
7. Painting of the front of the house
8. A cracked upstairs window

Can someone say YIPEE?!!?

Let's just see if all this is going to happen. Ask me again in two weeks when we get the report back.

Has anyone else in my vicinity already gone through the process? If so, what should I expect?

Poll Results

I know you have been checking back daily on what I decided to do... well the results are... Pray for me on September 16th! :)

Thanks for all of your words of encouragement. It was fun to see the different points of views and experiences.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Time to take a poll

Should I pay the 125.00 and take two points on my license for something that I did NOT do, or should I go to court and try and prove my innocence? Shouldn't it be the other way around? Shouldn't I be considered innocent until proven guilty? Then why do I feel as if all of the cards are stacked up against me and that I have lost before I have begun....


In your opinion....

Do I go to court on Sept. 16th?


Pay the stupid fine and take the points on my license when I KNOW I didn't do anything wrong....

Oh the anxiety!!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fear or Faith

Have you ever had the best intentions to post and life just gets away from you?! My hope is that you will just love me anyway.....

Thursday was the day where I had hope, but that hope would often get replaced with fear. I tried to hold my head up high and succeeded, only to have my head droop in memories and anxiety. An apostle once said, "Fear and faith cannot coexist in our hearts at the same time." I completely agree.

Thursday was the day where what I have been experiencing would become a reality. Either it would end with tears, or with another "hurdle crossed", as my honey said it.

You see Thursday we got to see this....

You know what the best part was?! The heart was beating. Can I tell you what happened to my heart before the baby came into view? It stopped. I couldn't really see the screen but my husband could. When he said, "There's the heart beat", my heart literally jumped into life again as if it had received a defibrillator.

Thursday was the day where I saw a new little one. So what's it going to be for me? Fear or Faith. I hope for the latter.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Perspective in hindsight

Is that even possible?

The day after I posted my "Perspective" blog, I was venting to my good friend of every thing that I had on my plate and the impossibility of giving any of it to anyone else. I just had to push through it. And then I got a call. One that made EVERY single bit of worrying I had to shame. My perspective had been clouded over again, so quickly.

A friend of mine in our ward lost her baby who was 5 months old. I posted on Phoebe's blog (link is one the right) about my feelings on all this.

Do you know how quickly that eternal perspective came into view? Immediately. All those things I was stressing about didn't really matter. Not at all.

I guess this will always be a struggle for me, to be able to see things from an eternal perspective. My youngest daughter sure helps that a lot. Thanks Phoebe.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I was driving home one night from shopping by myself. What is it about going alone, not stressing if your kids have wondered a little too far, or saying "no" for the millionth time to something the kids want to buy, that calms the soul?

As I was coming over one of my favorite hills I caught a glimpse of this sunset. I wished that I wasn't driving because I would have just stared and stared. I DID however have my camera... so yes, while I was driving I took the above shot. Of course it doesn't do justice what I really saw but it does give you an idea.

I realized as I came down from my "high" place that I would not be able to see the big picture the closer and closer I got to home. I wanted my family to join me in what I see. It was just so majestic.

Here are the pictures that I took close to home. The last one was on my driveway.

The one by my house was brilliant enough. I love the way the sun is cradle in a bed of clouds. It was not the same view as what I had seen earlier.

It made me think about eternal perspective and how sometimes I get so closed minded in my current circumstances that I forget it the bigger picture.

President Monson said to the Young Women at last conference this: Maintain an eternal perspective. Be alert to anything that would rob you of the blessings of eternity.

I feel a constant pull to allow things to crowd in on those things truly important like reading my scriptures, going to the temple, spending quality time with my children. Nothing else should really matter more.

I would rather have the first picture than the last.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Have you ever felt....

Like this?

--Sweet Aaron feel asleep on the stairs the other night.
We were surprised to find him on the stairs when we were going to bed!

Ironically it about sums up how I feel! Wondering what I have been up to lately?! I know you have... :) Well, lately I have been wearing many hats. You know the kind where you are not sure what to put on because there is so many to choose from?

Hat #1: Being a Mom....

I have had a perpetual 2 year-old since Ammon was two. That means that I always have messes like this to clean up.

I love this boy dearly. He lights up my life, makes me laugh hourly, and gives the best hugs in the world. But man I gotta tell ya, WHY do I get blessed with such um, curious, children?!

Hat #2:

I am a working mom. I don't know if you know that or not. I am CFO managing our 10 units of rentals. The biggest project being this....

Being turned into this:

Yes that IS the same house! It is still a work in progress, but hopefully we are almost finished! I have been working many hours making sure everything is running as smoothly as possible.

Is it possible to wear more than one hats at the same time? Sometimes I try.

Hat #3:

Being Stake Primary President has its perks. It is so much fun traveling to other wards, seeing the different ways Primary is run, and yet the same message is being taught. I love the ladies that I work with and am SO blessed to have them all in my presidency.

This isn't a hat that I mind wearing. It's just when I need to wear it, I need to focus on it. (See Hat #1 picture) Sometimes it is difficult! :)

Hat #4:

I am room mom for Tyler's class. Why you may ask? Because I signed up before I knew about Hat #3. We are counting down to the last few days of school and lets face it, it's busy! I am making a scrapbook for Tyler's teacher as her end of the year present. Just something else to juggle!

The rest of my "hats" are all the normal things that everyone has to balance. My washing machine is broken and the clothes are starting to smell that were in the washer. I need to do my visiting teaching, read my scriptures, blog :), exercise, eat right, oh yeah, spend time with the honey who is working overtime, have individual time with each child, stay on top of the house, plant flowers, make posters for youth conference.... you get the picture.

So back to the very first picture.... Doesn't that sound good right about now?!

Thank you for your listening ear. I will survive, I know. By no means am I complaining just learning. Learning how to not run faster than I have strength. Learning how to rely on an arm stronger than mine, and to give thanks for all the things I GET to balance, and clean up after, and to love and snuggle.

Any suggestions as to how to accomplish so much in 24 hours? I know you do! Share, share share! :)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

A night out with the Rockies

We got some tickets to the Rockies game and decided to get a babysitter for the younger two. We had a lot of fun hanging with the older boys. I can't believe how much they have grown up!

The last time we came, we didn't expect to stay the whole time, due to attention spans, and to not be able to watch the whole game due to run-aways. The boys did great! It was nice to get away and relax with our kids.

It was pretty cold near the end of it. That's what I get for getting tickets in April in Colorado! Below is our view from our seats.... Not too bad! We were right in home run zone.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ammon, the missionary

Have you ever met someone that has been give the perfect name? Our eldest has such a name. Ammon was a great missionary in the Book of Mormon.

Our Ammon has always lived up to his great name. Here is the most recent example. We were at a going away party for one of Martin's work friends. The first thing that Ammon does when he walks into the house is ask of the guests of the party if they went to our church. She said, "No." He said, "Would you like to?". She responded with a smile, "No sweetie, I am Catholic." Her 4 year old daughter heard this conversation and said, "No you're not! You are Mommy!".

What I love about Ammon is the fact that he is not afraid to open his mouth. He takes no offense when people say no, and really would like to see people come to church with him. He is a fantastic example to me.

Sometimes I think we don't open our eyes for opportunities to share what is so precious to our hearts. My goal is to be more like my child.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Yes, yes, I know....

I know I haven't updated in quite a while which would probably give you a pretty good indication about my life lately. Today we got the pool out, again, since we have been enjoying incredible weather. Usually when the pool is out and Ammon and Tyler arrive home from school, the first thing Tyler does is completely strip down find the nearest swim suit and jump on in with a huge boyish yell and childlike giggle as he goes down into the cold water. I always look forward to it.

Well yesterday, he came home, smiled at the younger kids, went inside and did his normal thing. Today, it was much of the same. I smiled as he walked out the door and felt a twinge of sadness that perhaps my little boy is growing up. In my mind flashed all those times he jumped in, even fully clothed at times. I filed away those memories and got ready for what was to come. But then, you know, we ARE talking about Tyler.

I am so grateful that I still get to enjoy these moments. Thank you for not growing up too fast Tyler!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A special day for Tyler

Tyler's true spirit shined all day. He looked so handsome in his white clothes. They say that the eyes are a window to the soul. His eyes twinkled and shined. I loved watching Tyler's mannerisms before the baptism was to start. He was so excited, his little body couldn't contain his large spirit any longer. He literally bounced up and down on the balls of his feet with his face glowing. I had little glimpses into the future when he will be dressed in white again. I also had glimpses into the past when I knew I had been chosen to bring a special son of God into this world.

Tyler, I am so proud of you. You strive every day to be the boy you should. I know you get frustrated when you make a wrong choice, but I will love you no matter what.

When I looked back through the pictures, guess what? I didn't find ONE with you by yourself! Do you know why? It's because you attract people to you like hummingbirds to a feeder. Everyone loves to be with you. You are a leader.

Thank you for who you are and the choice you made on a crisp March morning.

I love you.

Monday, April 6, 2009

A peek at the Denver Temple

My kids have been off-track for over a week now. For most of that week, my van has been dead, thanks to the lights being left on, mysteriously by none of my kids... uh, huh ;). Anyhoo, it finally got jumped last Friday and I had lots of errands to run. We were all dying to get out of the house, so anything was a welcome guest.

One of those errands was by the temple. It was a beautiful day, but it wasn't to last too long. A storm was rolling in. As we made it to the temple, the sun was no longer shining and there was even a little bit of rain falling. I left the desicion up to the kids, and they all agreed to brave the storm. I am so glad they did! I took some really great shots, even if they were in jackets that were too big/small for them. (I wasn't prepared for rain! :) )

I added a lot of pictures, just because I couldn't decide between them.
At this point, a lot of people were gathering outside, and in the inside breezeway. At first, I was going to have the kids look in the first set of doors but then decided that it would be okay to go in one more set.

As we walked in, I saw the sense of wonder on my kids faces. They immediately calmed themselves as they looked around them. I had all of my kids gather around me as I came down to their level. I pointed through the glass at all of the things they could see.

We watched as a man came into the temple and gave the temple worker his recommend. I explained the process of why that was important. I also showed them how all of the temple workers wore white clothing, and that I too would change into white clothing after I arrive. I pointed to various things, and while looking at all the details that I usually just rush by every time, my heart pricked with the things of eternity. I felt so grateful for this impromptu look inside as my children were gathered under my wing. While most of them could only look through the bottom glass door, someday all of them will have the opportunity to walk in standing tall, and there be able to make sacred covenants that will then extend to their own children.

My glimpse into eternity was a sweet one that day.
The picture above was taken shortly after we got there and the picture below was about halfway through. I am so glad the sun came out!
Emily took this one, didn't she do a great job! The camera was straight and everything!
As we walked around the grounds, I struggled between keeping the kids completely reverent verses allowing their sweet exuberant spirits to come through. I tried to think if Heavenly Father would be disapproving of my boys climbing one of His trees. The mommy side in me wanted to have them at my side at all times, with arms folded and a whisper with every word, and then my mind wandered to my husband who has been pivotal in letting my children, especially my boys, explore and let their energy come through. I hoped that Heavenly Father was okay with His sons enjoying His creations.

What was funny, was Emily behaved exactly like me! Her arms were folded most of the time. She would look at the flowers and was so calm the majority of the time. There are in inherent differences between male and female. I love having a girl to balance us out!

As the tour went on, the sun started to shine little by little. As we shed our jackets, the temple seemed to have illuminated all the more. Following my children around was a sweet experience as we explored every nook and cranny of the outside grounds. It seems as if children in their natural curiosity allow us to go places and do things that we ordinarily wouldn't have done if we were by ourselves. Their free spirits infected me that day as I allowed myself to relax and enjoy in the peaceful aura that illuminates being on holy ground.
How grateful I am for temples. Grateful almost seems an understatement as I contemplate never being able to be with Phoebe, my daughter again. But I can and I will! How sweet it was to be surrounded by all of my children. I am sure Phoebe wasn't too far away as we went to the temple that day. If you would like more information about our temples, click here.