Thursday, April 22, 2010

Little Siblings

My sweet Aaron with my sweet daughter. One of the things I love most about siblings holding new little ones, is looking back on them you realize how little they both once were. There is something so special to see these brothers and sisters reunite. I feel it especially strong with Savannah. Maybe it's because heaven is a little closer in our home because we have our own representative there. Either way, I love my children.
I am blessed.
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One and a half teeth lost!

My gorgeous girl is so grown up!!  She was so excited to lose her first tooth, and then was thrilled to find out that another was loose.  She lost the next one shortly after.  She wrote a scathing letter to the tooth fairy because the tooth fairy forgot.  The tooth fairy should be fired. Oh well.  Maybe the tooth fairy needs a break!  I don't think that's going to happen because she has at least three more loose! 

Savannah Smiles :)

I L-O-V-E it when Savannah smiles.  She is so genuine.  Her smiles come from deep within.  It's so wonderful.  She usually smiles when her siblings come around.  I love the way she looks at them, like its been a while since they've seen each other.  So sweet.  (I haven't been able to capture her "true" smile yet, so this pics will have to suffice :) )

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Love that Dr. Sneuss (no it's not a typo)

Dr. Seuss is being well loved at our house. Aaron is tearing through them, and Emily is exploding in her ability to read on her own. It's so fun to see the light bulb go off as she remembers words she has read before.

As for the Dr. Sneuss bit, I overheard a conversation in the back of the car between Hyrum and Emily. Hyrum: Do you just love Dr. Sneuss? Emily: (laughs) It's not Dr. Sneuss, Hyrum. It's Dr. Seuss. Hyrum: Well I love Dr. Sneuss. (A little put-out that Emily didn't agree with him.) I didn't want to correct him. It was too cute!
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Grammie gave Aaron knitting lessons for his birthday and he is doing a great job! He is going to make mittens and is well on his way. Tyler decided to get on the band wagon and is taking "lessons" from Grammie. It's nice because it helps Aaron to sit and stay focused. I will post the finished product when they're ready!

Easter Dresses

I looked EVERYWHERE for matching Easter Dresses for my little girls.  I could not find any where in the sizes that I needed.  Grammie came through AND they are adorable!  It is so fun to finally get to do matching dresses, as well as ties!  

The boys got suits and matching ties for Easter, and I haven't taken a pic yet.  Hopefully soon, because they look SO handsome!

Why it's Mary Poppins! (Maybe she can visit my house?!)

Finally!  A night out with the boys!  I was so excited to take my three oldest to the musical Mary Poppins.  The whole car ride over I was giving them etiquette instructions and the Do's and Don'ts of going to the theater.  I was very proud of them.  They all did a really good job.

Before we went into the theater, we got a quick dinner at the same spot that Martin and I went to before Wicked.  Ammon and Aaron both got a gumbo, and Tyler and I both got sandwiches.  We even shared a HUGE hot chocolate.  Mmmm....
As for the review of the show, I really enjoyed it.  I wasn't sure what to expect.  Was it going to be a Disney movie replica?  The main songs etc were there, but some differences as well.  I think my favorite song was Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious-loved the choreography and chimney sweep song. 
Aaron was sleepy about half way through the first act, but hung on through the end.  Ammon didn't fail me because his adorable laugh came at the perfect times.  Tyler was wide-eyed with wonder and a little creeped out by the human statues.  :)
It was such a pleasure to go on a date with my great boys.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

While I was Nursing....

Martin thinks I need to start another blog with the title: While I was Nursing" and update it with all the antics of my children (mainly Hyrum) while I am tied down with the little lady.

Any guesses as to what is on Hyrum's face?  Marshmallows.  Yep.  This is what came of them after he walked in to my room with two large marshmallows that he had licked and put one over each eye.  He took googly eyes to a whole new level.  Because I was nursing I took a mental picture of how cute he was and filed it away. 

Little did I know there would be more Kodak moments to come.  He not only smeared them all over his face, but he dumped a bag of them everywhere and THEN managed to get them wet.  Wet enough to not want to pick them up. 

Marshmallow fights are fun.  Wet marshmallow fights?  Not so much.

My Last Load of Laundry for the Night

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Savannah's Hospital Stay

My sweet little lady spent 15 days in Children's hospital fighting off RSV and charming everyone who came in to visit.  I couldn't help but notice the excitement in the nurses eyes when I told them that I would be out for a few hours to see my other kids.  I always got a "Don't worry.  We'll take good care of her."  You can't help but to love on her!
The Children's Hospital was our home away from home and were very good to us.  I can't believe we stayed there that long, but we wanted to make sure that Savvy really could fare as well at home first.  The doctors were great, and I only had one nurse that I really didn't get along with that well.  Overall, a fantastic experience, amidst a hard time.

March 15th:  All packed up and ready to go... FINALLY!