Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Savannah is One!!

One?  One?  I want to know who is responsible for this time warp I find myself under.  Savannah, Savvy, Saboonu, Savvilicious, Savannah Banana, The Savs, Savalina Ballerina... there are many more names that you have already been called.  But one thing is for sure, you are one loved baby girl.  You already have an uncanny way of cheering up someone who is sad.  You have hands-down the best two teeth smile.  You melt my heart with those gorgeous baby blue eyes.  Your only word "Hi" is enough for me.  I think know you are perfect for our family.  A little girl like you shouldn't enjoy being thrown on to a couch or being pelted with high speed pillows.  And that growl of yours?  I can't even do it as well as you.  Savannah, you are such a joy to have.  Happy 1st birthday.

Happy 8th Aaron!!

My sweet Aaron Bo Baron.  How in the world did you become 8? 

I remember when you were about to make your entrance into the world, your dad whispered in my ear, Please hold on a few minutes longer.  Let Aaron have his own special day."  I said "I'd see what I could do."  You made it with 13 minutes to spare.  

No sharing your birthday with Valentines day for you.  My first present to you!  :)
What a handsome little man you've become.  Your excitement for so many things makes me excited with you!  You LOVE the outdoors and anything that goes along with it. From sleeping outside in below freezing weather in your own pup tent to playing ALL DAY in snowy wet weather.  

My little tawny scrawny isn't so scrawny anymore.  You wow me 
with your 20 straight as a board push-ups and your huge muscles. 

You make such delicious meals with great ideas to change things up.  You are a fantastic brother with such a sensitivity to people.  You love your little sister Phoebe with such a zeal that it rivals my own.  You give the BEST hugs.... I could go on and on.  What I am trying to say is, thank HEAVENS you came to our family.
I love you infinity times 8.  Happy 8th Aaron!!
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