Friday, June 19, 2009

Perspective in hindsight

Is that even possible?

The day after I posted my "Perspective" blog, I was venting to my good friend of every thing that I had on my plate and the impossibility of giving any of it to anyone else. I just had to push through it. And then I got a call. One that made EVERY single bit of worrying I had to shame. My perspective had been clouded over again, so quickly.

A friend of mine in our ward lost her baby who was 5 months old. I posted on Phoebe's blog (link is one the right) about my feelings on all this.

Do you know how quickly that eternal perspective came into view? Immediately. All those things I was stressing about didn't really matter. Not at all.

I guess this will always be a struggle for me, to be able to see things from an eternal perspective. My youngest daughter sure helps that a lot. Thanks Phoebe.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I was driving home one night from shopping by myself. What is it about going alone, not stressing if your kids have wondered a little too far, or saying "no" for the millionth time to something the kids want to buy, that calms the soul?

As I was coming over one of my favorite hills I caught a glimpse of this sunset. I wished that I wasn't driving because I would have just stared and stared. I DID however have my camera... so yes, while I was driving I took the above shot. Of course it doesn't do justice what I really saw but it does give you an idea.

I realized as I came down from my "high" place that I would not be able to see the big picture the closer and closer I got to home. I wanted my family to join me in what I see. It was just so majestic.

Here are the pictures that I took close to home. The last one was on my driveway.

The one by my house was brilliant enough. I love the way the sun is cradle in a bed of clouds. It was not the same view as what I had seen earlier.

It made me think about eternal perspective and how sometimes I get so closed minded in my current circumstances that I forget it the bigger picture.

President Monson said to the Young Women at last conference this: Maintain an eternal perspective. Be alert to anything that would rob you of the blessings of eternity.

I feel a constant pull to allow things to crowd in on those things truly important like reading my scriptures, going to the temple, spending quality time with my children. Nothing else should really matter more.

I would rather have the first picture than the last.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Have you ever felt....

Like this?

--Sweet Aaron feel asleep on the stairs the other night.
We were surprised to find him on the stairs when we were going to bed!

Ironically it about sums up how I feel! Wondering what I have been up to lately?! I know you have... :) Well, lately I have been wearing many hats. You know the kind where you are not sure what to put on because there is so many to choose from?

Hat #1: Being a Mom....

I have had a perpetual 2 year-old since Ammon was two. That means that I always have messes like this to clean up.

I love this boy dearly. He lights up my life, makes me laugh hourly, and gives the best hugs in the world. But man I gotta tell ya, WHY do I get blessed with such um, curious, children?!

Hat #2:

I am a working mom. I don't know if you know that or not. I am CFO managing our 10 units of rentals. The biggest project being this....

Being turned into this:

Yes that IS the same house! It is still a work in progress, but hopefully we are almost finished! I have been working many hours making sure everything is running as smoothly as possible.

Is it possible to wear more than one hats at the same time? Sometimes I try.

Hat #3:

Being Stake Primary President has its perks. It is so much fun traveling to other wards, seeing the different ways Primary is run, and yet the same message is being taught. I love the ladies that I work with and am SO blessed to have them all in my presidency.

This isn't a hat that I mind wearing. It's just when I need to wear it, I need to focus on it. (See Hat #1 picture) Sometimes it is difficult! :)

Hat #4:

I am room mom for Tyler's class. Why you may ask? Because I signed up before I knew about Hat #3. We are counting down to the last few days of school and lets face it, it's busy! I am making a scrapbook for Tyler's teacher as her end of the year present. Just something else to juggle!

The rest of my "hats" are all the normal things that everyone has to balance. My washing machine is broken and the clothes are starting to smell that were in the washer. I need to do my visiting teaching, read my scriptures, blog :), exercise, eat right, oh yeah, spend time with the honey who is working overtime, have individual time with each child, stay on top of the house, plant flowers, make posters for youth conference.... you get the picture.

So back to the very first picture.... Doesn't that sound good right about now?!

Thank you for your listening ear. I will survive, I know. By no means am I complaining just learning. Learning how to not run faster than I have strength. Learning how to rely on an arm stronger than mine, and to give thanks for all the things I GET to balance, and clean up after, and to love and snuggle.

Any suggestions as to how to accomplish so much in 24 hours? I know you do! Share, share share! :)