Saturday, March 6, 2010

All in a day....

Do you see that cute blanket in the corner of her bed?  That was from Project Linus.  Ironically enough, I had just made some blankets for them.  What goes around comes around I guess.  Isn't it cute!  It's pretty big too!  It's the perfect wrap up and cuddle blanket, or put on the floor and romp.

Her new BFF.... the nasal canula....

The view from our Penthouse Suite:

Yesterday I couldn't handle it anymore.  Savannah needed a bath!  Because of her jaundice and then hospitalization, she has not had a bath since her first one when she was born.  Can a newborn be
grubby?  I mentioned this to the nurse and she said, "Okay, I'll order up a bath."  Not sure what that meant, but apparently we got a brand new baby tub with a sling that we can keep.  Nice huh!  

Savvy didn't do too badly with it.  She took her solace on my hand rooting away as I scrubbed her.  When we finally got her dried off and snuggled into a blanket she looked like a little bald eagle eaglet. 

 As far as an update goes, Savannah does have RSV and yesterday they are starting to think that she might have reflux as well.  They are giving her medicine to see it if that will help.  The doc today said that she is very doubtful that Savvy will be going home this weekend.  We are looking at Monday at the earliest, but more likely the middle of next week.  To all of my friends, thank you for all of the help this far... would you be willing to help some more next week?!  :)  Hyrum and Emily need a place to play from 9 am to 3pm (for Hyrum) and 11 am to 3 pm (for Emily).

Thanks again for all of your prayers, love and help!  We couldn't get through all this without you.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

To My Nine Year Old....

I can't believe you are nine today.  When you came to this earth, I knew right away that you were a choice spirit, so much that you were presented with a challenge from the very beginning of

your life.  I remember feeling such a strong reassurance that you would be okay as I watched you struggle every day for breath, for life.  Two weeks after you were born I brought you home.  You proved to be full of life just as you were in my tummy.  You kept me on my toes, running from one mess, to another laugh, to snuggling down for the night.  We called you "Smilely" for a reason.  Nothing that happened to you would keep you down.

Here we are nine years later and you are still that zany, crazy kid, however, there is one difference.  You have grown up so much.  Instead of being the mess maker, you have become my rock in helping to clean up the messes!  You make everyone laugh and feel good as we pull together to get things done.  You have a special way of helping people feel better as you watch to make sure they are okay.  I love your spontaneity as you make jokes, make contraptions, and you are not afraid what others think.  You are such a leader.

Tyler, today, I can't be there as I take care of your sister in the hospital, but I wanted you to know this... I LOVE YOU and I feel so blessed to be your mother.  Thank you for being understanding as I am not here today.  You are so grown up.  I can't wait to see what this next year will bring for you.
Happy 9th Birthday Tyler Ty Ty!!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

That Savvy girl....

On the way home, we knew that we had scored once again with a great kid. Savannah is so sweet natured and is a joy to hold and snuggle. We also knew that she was a bit yellow from being jaundice but we weren't too concerned since this is the "norm" for our kids. A day after we arrived home we got a visit in our home from nurse practitioner just to check in. By now she was really yellow. A blood count revealed her level at 20. Not good. They ordered lights to come to our home.
This is where she slept for the next two days. What a trooper she was!! It was hard not being able to comfort and hold her like I was aching to do, but knew that every minute she was under the lights, she would be able to come back sooner. Monday rolled around. We had another in-home visit and she was good enough to be taken off. I watched her as the week progressed as she still didn't gain weight and she got a point higher every day. She was having a hard time kicking it!
Then, five days ago, she developed a cute little dry cough that didn't happen all the time. That night it went to a wet nasty cough and has been getting progressively worse ever since. We went into urgent care on Saturday right at closing time. We were met by impatient Dr./nurses that informed me as I was feeding my sad, hungry heal-pricked baby that she (the doc) would like to check the baby out first because she'd like to get home sometime and after she's done, I can take as long as I want.... uh.... okay?...... They did a quick oxygen check once saw that she was 97% they said great! And sent us home.

Sunday rolled around and I found myself mesmerized by the way a little teeny body could work so hard to breathe. I struggled for hours trying to decide if I should bring her in. If I bring her in, do I bring her back to the oh-so-helpful clinic that dismissed us before, or do I pay 150.00 to being her to the ER. A good friend called to check in and helped me make the decision. (Thanks Jackie!!)

After much debate, I felt good about bringing her into the ER.  She was admitted after her oxygen levels her dipping down into the upper 70's.  Yikes!  After so many people had listened to her lungs and said, "Well they sound great" and being dismissed, it was nice to be validated with my concerns.  Sad that she has to go through this, but relieved because she was finally going to get the care that I couldn't provide.

So now I am in the hospital with my sweet little girl, probably at least for another day or so, maybe more, and am relying on the incredible Christ-like help from my very awesome mother in law and friends from the ward.  We could not be more blessed to be in a ward like we have.  Tender mercies are all around even while we go through yet another trial.

The rest of my sweet children are being troopers.  They L-O-V-E their new baby sister and do such a good job helping me.  Sweet Hyrum is missing his mommy and yet shows no jealously or malice to the new baby.  I know that my children are being heavenly attended to.  Perhaps by another sister?

I loved President Uchtdorf's talk two months ago and it has become one of my new motto's.... to HOLD ON A LITTLE LONGER.
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