Monday, May 7, 2012

I love my kids.  Short and sweet of it.  I love this shot of Hyrum and Savvy.  Please don't mind Savannah's lack of clothing.  She is now an expert and taking off her clothes and not so good at putting them back on!  This picture was taken on Phoebe's angel day.  There is something about having my earthly kids that allows me to still feel her close.  The relationship that my kids have together makes all those "hard" days worth it. 

My mom came to help me after a surgery and it was so wonderful.  As much as my family takes care of me, there is nothing like having your own mom there.  I loved the time that she was able to spend with me, when I was not in a percocet induced sleep, and the time she spent with her grand kids.  I would lay in bed listening to her interact with my youngest.  So so so sweet.
Ammon participated in Destination Imagination at his middle school.  He really enjoyed the team he worked with.  I am not sure all the specifics, but they had to create a structure made out of wood and glue that wasn't to exceed a certain weight that would allow a golf ball into it, as well as hold weight.  They also had to come up with a play to go along with it.  It was fun to watch them compete.  They didn't do as well as they had hoped they would but I was proud!  :)  He has matured in so many ways.  I am really proud of the way that he has stepped up.  It's amazing how quickly boys become young men. 
Tyler turned 11.  Yikes.  My kids are growing up too quickly!  Granted, I am grateful that Tyler no longer plays in toilet water, and that we can now stock crayons, markers, and glue in the house again, as well as keep kitchen knives on the counter instead of hidden from his view, but I have a sneaking suspicion that this boy will be grown before I know it. I am so proud of him.  If I could write the feelings that come into my heart when I thing of this boy it would be a miracle, but let me name a few.  Tender-hearted.  Obedient.  Strong.  Helpful. Desires to do good continually.  Fantastic brother.  I could go on and on.  So so so so glad to have Tyler in our family.  LOVE YOU!!  3!  ;)
Aaron turned 9 and Savannah turned 2 a day apart from each other.  Aaron has made so much growth in the last year and not just in clothe sizes!  I have been so amazed by the amount of courage that he has shown in choosing the right and mastering some things that get him feeling down.  He is so much help to me and his siblings and is HILARIOUS!  His quick quiet wit catches me off guard sometimes.  Love you Bo Baron! 

And Savannah.  What a blessing she is.  Not just to me but everyone who meets her.  It's not just her dimples that gets you, but her personality is to die for.  She has filled such a sweet spot in me that I am so grateful for.  She is so conscientious to details and likes everything just so.  She is so stinkin smart too.  Like, too smart.  :)  She brings me and the rest of my family so much happiness. 

Em J.  I am constantly amazed at the spunkiness of this girl!  She often throws caution to the wind and breaks loose.  She still fits the phrase that I have given her since she was really little... A girlie girl tom boy.  She took gymnastics in the fall and is about to start up again.  I am so impressed with many things she can do, but especially her upper body strength.  That is my achilles heel so it's fun to see her have so much strength.  Ask her to whip out 20 boy push-ups and she could do it no problem.  Another things that makes me so proud of her is her preparing for her baptism.  She often will come to me with questions or thoughts that she has concerning it, as well as her feeling the Spirit.  Almost 8.  Excited for her, but it makes my heart ache!  I don't want her to grow up! 
Hyrumba.  He is so super dooper cute.  What can I say about him that would adequately describe the whirlwind he is.  His sense of humor and wit, the way he picks up on things, the sweet way he treats your baby sister, and of course, his sass, all makes him one fun kid to be around (most of the time... ha!)  I am going to miss him so much when he goes off to Kindergarten.  The mad skills he has in any sport he tries makes me want to wear full body protection when I play with him! 

Whew.  If you have read this far, I am impressed.  I do write in an actual paper journal.  I have found that I am too often not able to finish handwriting about each of my kids due to interruptions etc, so I figured this would be a good venue to catch up.  Thanks for hanging in there.  :)