Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ammon, You are in TROUBLE!!!

That's right.  You are in trouble.  Who said you are allowed to grow up so fast?  11 years seems to have gone by so quickly.  I remember all the questions you incessantly I asked.  You were a desert ever having the thirst of knowledge and constantly desiring the knowledge the world held.  I relied on those around us to fill that mind of yours.  I chose well. 

I have watched you mature over the years from a curious boy, often lost in your own world, to a young man capable of reaching out to those in need, because you want to.  I see you play and take care of your siblings.  Because you care. 

Ammon, I so thrilled to be your mom.  Thank you for standing up to the tasks that have been set before you.  It hasn't been easy taking on more responsibilites, but I want you to know that I notice how you choose the right.  How you do hard things because you know that it will help me.  You are such a sweet kid. 
You know what I am grateful for?!  You haven't grown up so much that you still let me read to you at night.  You want me to tuck you in.  You still let me yell "I love you" out the window when I drop you off at school.  And you still ask incessant questions.  And you know what?  Never, ever, ever stop.  I love your curious bright mind.  Thank you for making me a mom for the first time. 
Happy 11th Ammon.

(Editor's note:  Yes, his birthday was Oct.20th... It was a busy month, okay!)  :)
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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Castlewood Canyon

The kids and I decided to go hiking.  After consulting a map, we decided to take a trail that would take us by some water in Castlewood Canyon.  We were so excited that we didn't take a close look at the map and went left on the Creek Bottom Trail (Top 3rd picture from left).

The kids did so well staying with their "buddy" and staying in sight. We went pretty fast along the trail.  After a good while, I was getting concerned that we hadn't hit the water yet.  I looked at the map again and realized we were going in the exact opposite of where we needed to be. 

We turned around and tried a different trail to get back to where we started.  The kids were troopers and we went back.  After making it to the car again (I had forgotten Sav's pacifier), we went back to the same spot (bottom right picture).  We tried it again, take 2!

Within a couple of minutes we heard the sound of rushing water.  The kids were so excited that it was really close.  I made them pose for a few photo opps and away we went.

Now we come to the part where I know we had angels with us.  Because I had Savvy, I couldn't romp all over the rocks with the kids.  It was hard enough just trying to get to the water.  I let the older kids go off and venture and prayed that they would be alright.  I kept pretty close tabs on Hyrum and Emily and enjoyed watching them explore. 

When they all came back together they decided to go downstream over HUGE boulders and crevices.  My nerves were shot by then.  (most middle pictures)

When it came time to leave we needed to gather shoes, trash from our snacks, muddy water bottles, etc, and I was struggling a bit because Savvy was hungry/tired and the kids were not exactly minding me.  A cute older couple who had come down offered to help gather some of our things.  After a bit of wrangling, we managed to make it back onto "safe" land when the lady said to me, "You are brave taking all of these children.  Are they all yours?"  :)  I smiled to myself as she said my blog title and I said, "Yes they are, and yes I am". 

Overall, I had such a good time with them enjoying a beautiful place with great kids.  Right as we were walking to our kids I felt the heaviness that only a sleeping child can give.  I asked Tyler if Savannah was asleep and sure enough, at the very end, she sacked out.  (Top right).  When I went to bed last night and was thinking about the day, I was really amazed that we did not have any serious injuries and what I had accomplished by myself.  The conclusion I came to was, I definitely was not alone.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


I forgot to blog about the first day of school.  Better late then never, right?!
 When I asked if they were excited, this is what I got....

Ammon- 5th Grade
Aaron-2nd Grade

Emily- 1st Grade 
Tyler-4th Grade
 So, I thought it would be fun to walk up to school.  Hyrum would not be talked out of riding his bike so away we went with less time than I would have liked.  Forgetting that my school aged children are much faster on their bikes, and that Hyrum is on his "take my time because I am 3 and I like it that way time" this is what we met at the top of our street. 
 This is what they were waiting for.  Yes, he is off his bike, and distracted by something.  :)  Let's just say, that I have since spared me children from having them wait for the rest of us and let them ride on their own.

Editors Note:  
Since they have been in school for two months now, I will quickly update how it's going so far.  Every single one is doing so well.  Every once in a while we have some forgetting of the homework, or backpack, or some behavior issues in class, but for the most part I am so proud of my kids.  The star teacher this year?  That would be Aaron's.  I love her so much because she loves my boy and he desperately needed that.  Hooray for a good year so far!!

Preschool here we come! (Again!)

Don't even try it ladies. He is still mine.

This cool dude is (almost) 4 and already knows how to work it.

There were no tears, there were no battles, there was a whole lot of excitement. Shoes on the wrong feet?!  No way.  It's the new style amongst preschoolers.  Honest!

Ever since Ammon was in preschool, we have had the privilege to have all of our kids in Teacher Lori's school. It was finally Hyrumba's turn. (His own nickname he gave himself!! Love it!!)

Hyrumba, I will miss you, but I know you are in good hands. Teacher Lori won't let you get away with anything and you will have so much fun! 

Here's to another year!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

6 going on 16

Emily, what am I going to do with you?  Who said that you were allowed to grow up, let alone be so darn cute, and to top it off, be so fantastically fun?! 
6 Things that I love about You!
I love the way you smile and crinkle your nose.
I love the way you love to read.
I love the way you always remind me to read scriptures and say prayer.
I love the way you play with dolls, house, dress-up (make-up included of course! :)  )
I love the way you like to jump into the middle of your brothers in a wrestling match and join right in.
Most of all, I love the way you fit perfectly into our family.

I love you Emily Jane!
Happy 6th Birthday!

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Sunday, August 29, 2010


I did not know my little sister very well.  We both had heard about each other and given the occasional hello and goodbye hug, but I didn't really know her.  And then she came for a week this month.
Did I know that she could be so crazy
And yet so gorgeous?!
Loved her child-like wonder and RMNP
The amazing pictures she took.

The Varmints we followed.
The way my kids love her
and followed her.
I loved that she would even listen to one of my songs and would be willing to take a picture by our own little "Rolling River".
The way she shared her talent and left her imprint.

Last but not least, she got to "meet" her niece Phoebe.

Ju-I am so glad you came.  Thank you for your self-less service and your love and acceptance.  There are no coincidences, and you didn't just happen to come at some random time.  You are a beautiful, lovely lady.  Thank you for coming.  I love you.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


There is something about Hyrum that makes you want to hang around him just so you can hear what he has to say next.  It keeps coming to me that as much as he is a wild child right now, he won't always be this wild child of energy and tornadic abilities to turn the house upside down.  In honor of my very own tornado.  I have decided to let you in on a ten things that make me so glad I get to be his mom. 
  1. After he is done in timeout I sometimes ask why he was there.  Most often he looks at me with his pretty blue eyes and says, "Mom, what did I did?"  I make him repeat his question to me one more time because it really is that cute.  Of course I have to break out my poker face so he won't see my amusement.
  2. He says the most random things at the most random times.  Yesterday it was, "Hairy chest, hairy chest." as he was walking past me and going downstairs.
  3. He has Jedi mind tricks.  Honestly, he does.  It happens anywhere from me realizing he has been watching tv with me after I have put him to bed, and strangely, I am okay with it, to when I was lecturing him and he said to me, "That's enough mom." And walks away. (I was finished speaking anyway.)  Martin overhears and quickly takes away the Jedi haze he temporarily put on my mind and I correct the situation. 
  4. He understands way more than he should.  Adult conversations that I think would go way over his head, don't and then I have to try and patch it up.  
  5. He hears phrases and then turns around and uses them in context.  Case in point:  I was sitting checking my email, when he comes in with a very sincere sweet excited expression on his face.  "Mom, come check this out!  I won something so precious!"  Well the precious thing was a trophy pig and a bus on monster truck wheels he had earned on a game.  Precious indeed. 
  6. When I tell him I love him, he says, "Well, I love you more than chocolate bunnies."  And then I retort, "Well I love you more than trains." and so it goes on and on.
  7. His laugh is to die for.  He begs to be tickled, and he doesn't have to wait long before the tickle monster emerges to finish him in.  
  8. He is a smart kid.  A little too smart.  It seems to get him in trouble more than it is helpful at this point in time.  A word to the wise.  If you have Hyrum observing your every move, caution, he will probably try to attempt the same, when your back is turned and will probably succeed.  
  9. Angels attend him.  There has been some things that Hyrum should have been or could have been seriously injured, but was not.  Example.  Exhibit A:  A steak knife.  Exhibit B:  A wall socket.  Exhibit C:  Neighbor finds steak knife on step all blackened and chucks missing in the blade. Exhibit D:  Wall socket is black and has tripped the circuit.  Result:  One lucky dude without any injury whatsoever.  
  10. His hugs, his smile, his laugh, his concern, his ability to make anyone feel better, and the chance for him to call me mom is the best ever.  
Hyrum, I love you my son.  And to answer your "What did I did" question.  You let me be your mom.  For that I thank you.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Party in the Park 2010

There was one question that Ammon kept asking over and over again as we went to this year's Party in the Park that our HOA puts on.  "Why does this only happen once a year?  This is so fun!"  Well I can tell ya why it only happens once a year because it is a ton of work!  We had it all.  Bounce houses, super slides, air brush tattoos, hair coloring, bubble machines, all you can eat popsicles and popcorn, dinner, live band, and of course the socializing and all for FREE!  

This year was great because I found a central location and stayed put with Savvy most of the night and watched my kids run from one thing to the next.  They each took a turn with Hyrum and was his "buddy" so that he stayed safe and could still experience everything.  The evening was  capped off with an impromptu game of baseball where I quickly learned that Ammon does NOT know the rules to baseball!  Looks like we might have to have FHE on the rules of the sport!  That's okay.  Everyone has to learn at some point, right?!  

We had a great night.  Em might beg to differ since she lost her matching headband to Savvy's.  We looked everywhere but couldn't find it.  :(  Poor thing.  She was pretty sad.  I'd say the hit of the night was the popcorn, and the hit-the-thingy-and-ring-the-bell game.  Good times!

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Rain didn't hinder our efforts to see the fireworks this year.  We got a great spot to be able to see them from the comfort of our van as the rain poured outside.  Thanks to the DVD player in the van we were able to snuggle up until they began. 

Below is the finale... Can't you tell?  No?  Well that's because there was so much smoke, most of it was covered up!  The smoke really didn't start getting bad until the end.  It was kind of a let down because that's what you work up to, but we enjoyed it anyway.  Love the magic of fireworks!!
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