Saturday, June 26, 2010

Rocky Mountain National Park

What a fantastic day!  The kids were incredible and the scenery was unbelievable.  We opted for the year pass to RMNP and I am so glad we did.  We could literally spend days up there!  All we got to do today was eat lunch by a bubbling river, clean up trash for our "good turn" and go up to Bear Lake and hike.  We even got to hike in the rain for a little bit.  I think the highlight for everyone was seeing the trout go upstream to spawn.  (Look closely in the upper left picture and you can kind of make out two fish that had just jumped over a little dam to go upstream!) It was the COOLEST thing I have seen in a very long time.  The kids were so excited about it, they told everyone that we passed to go check it out.  It gave Aaron quite the urge to go fishing!

All in all, a very fantastic day.  No children lost.  They all minded very well.  What a day.

(Yes it's another collage.  There were so many pictures I couldn't decide.  I narrowed it down to these.  Click on it to make it larger.)

I want to grow up and be like her...

89 folks, 89.
I love this woman.  We were honored to celebrate Martin's grandmother's 89th birthday in our home.  I love her spunk and her personality.  She is so active and fun.  
I hope to accomplish all that she has so far in her long life.  Here is a little example of what I am up against if I ever want to try! 

Martha Brown Michel
~Happy Birthday~

Savvy was a wee bit hungry, but we tried for a photo-op anyway!

Grandma's favorite past-time?  Wii golf.  And she ROCKS at it!!
The kids great-aunts Jan and Pam are always so sweet and thoughtful.  They devoured this rock collection they brought and are looking forward to all of the fun arts and crafts stuff they brought as well.  We are blessed to have such fantastic family.
Happy Birthday Grandma.  To many more to come!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Sweet n Sassy

My little girl is officially not so little anymore. 

Emily "graduated" from Kindergarten and was so excited for it!    They sang so many cute songs and she smiled all the way through.  I have never seen anyone smile as much as she did.  I am so proud of her and all that she accomplished this year.  Being one of the youngest she struggled a bit trying to keep up but she sure tried her hardest.

I love her sweet and sassy nature and the way she works a camera.  That hip swing of hers cracks me up!  I can't believe she will be starting 1st grade in a few short weeks.  She really needs to stop growing!  I need her to stay my little girl forever! ;)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Field Day

Holey Moley.  Having four kids participating in field day was so much fun and work trying to catch all of their glorious moments!  

I loved watching Emily!  She always had a smile on her face and was such a good sport.  I can't believe she is almost finished with Kindergarten.  !st grade here we come!

Ammon has always been a fast runner.  He has the longest legs!  I loved watching him race.  I didn't know the classes were racing across the field, and I inadvertently left Savvy in her stroller for a sec to capture a picture of Aaron in action.  Apparently I interrupted a race that another class was trying to do.  Woops!  Don't mind the newborn.  Just run around her... ;)  Ammon was one of the fastest in his class.  I can't believe he will be running the show next year.

Aaron was so much fun.  I think my favorite part was watching him chase the girls in tag with the flags.  The look of pure glee in his face just made me laugh!  

He is growing up so fast.  Do you ever look at your kids and not recognize them overnight, because you can tell they are growing?  He is one handsome fellow.  I can't believe he will be baptized next year! 

Tyler Wyler is so much fun.  I can hear him giggling when he is trying really hard to do something.  I love how Tyler always puts his best effort forward even if he is not sure how it is going to turn out.  I think he was the most surprised when the boys lost to the girls in his class in tug of war.  Better luck next time!  And then there was Hyrum.  

Sweet Hyrum stuck with it for a while, and then realized that the real fun came while you are playing the games. Not watching them!  By the end of it all, he had joined some games with Ammon and Tyler.  It was so cool to watch them take Hyrum under their wings.  

Hooray for Field Day... And one more thing off the "End of Year, Never-ending, exciting things to do before we actually get to enjoy our summer list".... "  :)

Savvy Speaks, So listen...