Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Indian Winter!

Colorado weather never disappoints! Yesterday it was so cold, I had an an undershirt, turtleneck sweater, fleece jacket, and a down coat when I needed to go out. Last week we had this.....

Notice Aaron looked sooo warm!! Let's just say the water in the hose was NOT as warm as the 70 degree weather outside! The neighobr girls are always up for a winter swim as much as my boys....

Monday, January 26, 2009

How can you punish him?

There is something about Hyrum that just makes you want to love him no matter what! I heard the dreaded noises coming from the bathroom again... for those of you who are new to the blog you can read this post for a good laugh... water!! I peeked in to see him playing sweetly with two trains and his truck just talking to himself. Water was quickly leaking down everyplace that it could. Not only that, I had just gotten him ready for the day. Notice he's up to his knees in water! Once again, I got the "cheese".... Hyrum... you're just what I need!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Stone Mountain!!

We went to THE Stone Mountain... FINALLY!! Jessica has talked about Stone Mountain for years. It has always been quite mysterious for me though because I have never seen it!! Not even when we hiked it with everyone! We had so much fun hiking to the top of the huge mountain. Too bad we couldn't see it! When we got to the top, it was like we arrived on an alien planet! It was foggy with rain puddles everywhere in these larger craters. The kids loved it, especially Hyrum who was soaked through and through from jumping in all the puddles!

I couldn't help but think that the next time we do this hike how much older our children will be. It made me reflect how quickly life seems to pass us by. Sometimes I wish I could stop and hold on to the moment and look at it with different eyes. You don't realize how many moments you lost until you look back from the future.

I am so glad we seized the moment that day to do something that some thought was impossible! This was definitely a highlight of our trip.

Happy's New Hear 2009!

Whata day whata day! Poor Martin just HAD to go shooting with his Brother-in-laws... as you can tell, he really didn't want to go... :) Martin had an awesome time.

When the whole family arrived at the Kotters for the par-tay it was lovely chaos! At one point Charlie Brown came on and there was an immediate calm as everyone clamored onto the couch to watch it. I think there are a total of 14 people on that couch!!

Jessica whipped up some yummy hot chocolate that we all enjoyed!

I love this picture above. It is midnight, we have the tv on to watch the ball drop in NY and the kids are supposed to be holding up nine fingers for 09. Little did I know that no one was really paying attention to me because the tv was showing a whole lot of new year smoochin'!

Last year was one big roller coaster for us. Would I change anything that happened... no. I feel blessed to have been carried so many times by earthly angels and by angels unseen. I can tell that Heavenly Father is giving me life lessons that will ultimatley be for my good. This year I hope I can continue to progress and have faith that He is watching out for me and my family.