Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ammon, You are in TROUBLE!!!

That's right.  You are in trouble.  Who said you are allowed to grow up so fast?  11 years seems to have gone by so quickly.  I remember all the questions you incessantly I asked.  You were a desert ever having the thirst of knowledge and constantly desiring the knowledge the world held.  I relied on those around us to fill that mind of yours.  I chose well. 

I have watched you mature over the years from a curious boy, often lost in your own world, to a young man capable of reaching out to those in need, because you want to.  I see you play and take care of your siblings.  Because you care. 

Ammon, I so thrilled to be your mom.  Thank you for standing up to the tasks that have been set before you.  It hasn't been easy taking on more responsibilites, but I want you to know that I notice how you choose the right.  How you do hard things because you know that it will help me.  You are such a sweet kid. 
You know what I am grateful for?!  You haven't grown up so much that you still let me read to you at night.  You want me to tuck you in.  You still let me yell "I love you" out the window when I drop you off at school.  And you still ask incessant questions.  And you know what?  Never, ever, ever stop.  I love your curious bright mind.  Thank you for making me a mom for the first time. 
Happy 11th Ammon.

(Editor's note:  Yes, his birthday was Oct.20th... It was a busy month, okay!)  :)
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