Thursday, November 13, 2008

Catching up one post at a time!

Hello all! Yes I AM still alive! I have been dreadfully busy for quite a while, have had lots of things to blog, but not a whole lot of time... So I will try to catch you all up with out taking too much time! I have to start off with one of the highlights of October.

Martin and I met, dated, and got engaged in Oct. 1998. One of the dates that I remember the most was when Martin took me up to Horsetooth in Ft. Collins, had a FREEZING picnic dinner, read scriptures to me, and even brought a telescope to look at the stars. For MONTHS now, I had been planning on surprising Martin and taking him back to Horsetooth and doing the date again for our ten year engagement anniversary. Thanks to the amazing help AGAIN from Matt and Kristy, (thanks again!) I pulled off the surprise without a hitch.

Who knew that you could have SO MUCH FUN on $10 bucks! We went back to CSU campus and walked around. We had so many memories there. I can't believe it was ten years ago! We walked hand in hand around the oval, walked through the buildings where Martin had spent so much time, and where we watched our boys take the campus by storm.

We stopped by the much changed institute where Martin and I met. We spent so much time playing there from Gypsy (I'm still reigning champ by the way) to playing pool. I think it's even the same table!

After the institute we went to the duplex where Jess so graciously housed me! What a throw back! I think we freaked out the current tenant because we were taking so many pictures.

I remember the first time that Martin showed me what was to be our new home. We were about to leave to go to AZ to be sealed and he blindfolded me and took me here. What a humble little home. But it was definitely home to us!

After we went to our old homes up to horsetooth we went. It was a gorgeous night with a big beautiful moon. The Colorado fall weather was exactly as it should be a night... windy and once again... FREEZING!! This time I was prepared though.

For our dinner (hence the $10 for a 3 course meal!) I brought all the food that Martin introduced me to when we were dating. Boy he has some strange taste! We had yummy liverwurst sandwiches with pickled beets on top, salad with ONLY lettuce... honest... it's a salad if it only has lettuce, ask Martin... :) SoBe drink with white powdered donuts for dessert. Yum! Martin couldn't have been happier with the spread.

I don't remember ever looking at the moon so closely before. What a beautiful sight it was. We had fun looking at all the stars, snuggling under blankets, giggling as we remembered what it was like way back when, and walking down memory lane. We had an awesome night.

Martin, I love you with all my heart. Thanks for seeing something in me that I didn't. You are my best friend in every sense of the word. To imagine life without you is no life at all. My apologies to all the ladies out there... I snagged the best man ever! You'll just have to settle for 2nd best!