Sunday, January 31, 2010

This one is for you, Daddio....

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Georgia Aquarium

Ammon, Tyler, Aaron, Aunt Valerie, my nephew Christian, and I all went to the largest aquarium in the world.  It was amazing to see so much aquatic life in such a small place, considering the different varieties they had.  We showed up shortly after they opened, and didn't have to fight any crowds.  One of the biggest hits was the petting pond with rays AND sharks!  Yes, I touched them.... pretty neat actually!

This part was astounding.  I could literally sit and watch all day long.  What I could also watch was what my kids did to get themselves "inside" without getting wet.  They would follow the aquatic life back and forth and sometimes even on their knees.  It was literally as if you were sitting at the bottom of the ocean.  Ammon kept saying over and over again, "I feel so small.  I can't believe how small I feel."  From a 10 year old who knows everything, I felt it was pretty profound to realize just how much we can't really see the whole picture sometimes.
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More from the peach state!

One of the highlights from our Georgia trip was being able to actually see Stone Mountain (long story).  We had hiked it last year only to find an eerie martian land at the top, but this year we rode in style to the top, marched around, and came back down.  It was fun trying to ensure that 14 kids stayed together and didn't fall off the mountain! 

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Have you seen my kids?

I haven't seen most of my kids since I have come to Georgia.  They are in cousin dreamland!  You can play "Where's a Michel" with my kids in their striped shirts in this cousin picture where all the cousins except one are gathered at Uncle Jace's home.

Spending 5 weeks off-track in a place where there is nothing but woods, frozen ponds, and cousins to hang out with, sounds much better than hangin' at home with a mom who can't do much!

Speaking of me, I am okay with contractions on and off still, but I have great sisters who keep loving my kids when I need that extra break. 

We will be coming home on January 23rd and thankfully with my mother-in-law in tow to help.  She's coming out to do some family history and then will be flying back with me to help with the kids.  I am so blessed by all of those so willingly and lovingly help!!  A giant thank you to all....

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