Saturday, December 5, 2009

Georgia Here We Come!

My kids are a little concerned that Santa might not get the message that we are celebrating Christmas a day early.  Good thing I have connections!  We are leaving Christmas day to go visit "the cousins" (all 15 of them 12 and younger) in Georgia till we track back on at the end of January.  I can't wait.  With these silly contractions that won't stop and Martin with his new job, we figured we needed to have some more company.  Let's just pray that Jessica will still love us after we're gone! 

What have we been up to? (If you can survive without pics then keep reading)

Thanksgiving was nice and small.  It was just our little family with no time frame to worry about and the house was not in the least ready for company.  It was great.  The kids got to explore the turkey, inside and out, and even gave the poor thing some spanks.  We enjoyed making rolls together and the rest of the meal.  I have quite the little chefs. 

We had two birthdays:  Ammon is now TEN and Hyrum is 3!  Since when are they allowed to get older?!  Ammon is becoming quite the young man and loves to be a "baby-sitter in Training". I can't wait until he can be THE babysitter.  Two more years and I have a Young Man.... wow...

Hyrum is an absolute dream little boy.  He is my shadow day and night.  I love the way he wraps his little arm around my neck, manages to squeeze it and play with my hair all at the same time.  I haven't met anyone yet that isn't in love with that little boy.  Now if we can just get through this -into everything stage- then life will be good.  (A HUGE thanks to Kristy who took him for this entire week for help with these contractions)

I am entirely done with Christmas shopping and have it wrapped and all.  Now I just have to pack for our Georgia extravaganza!

Public Service Announcement:  There are less than three weeks away from Christmas!