Friday, March 27, 2009

A birthday post

I just wanted to say a giant thank you for all of the birthday attention yesterday! I can't remember a birthday where I was so loved by so many people! I wish I could post pictures, but I didn't take any! :) My day was like this:

7 am: My husband rushes out of bed to get the ritual of breakfast in bed ready. I had already chosen my birthday cereal...That's right Froot Loops with Marshmallows... the mommy in me, never buys it. But it's oh so good! As I am going in and out of conscienceness, I hear the sounds of the kids making my cards. Another tradition. I love the cakes that Emily makes, and the people that Aaron draws. I love the logical love cards that Ammon makes, and the thoughtful drawing and words from Tyler. I must say though, my favorite is always Martin's. He is so sweet when he allows himself to write to me. His spelling usually shies him away, but someday, he will realize, that is why I love him so much!

Anyway back to the morning, so among the sounds of card making, I was awoken to the smoothie machine... huh? Okay, that would be nice, I guess. Not really in the mood for berries, but sweet of him to think of me. What he came up with was this....
Of course the Martin recipe and love. Mmmmm.... I had been asking him to make this for months! So sweet! By this time, I am getting a little concerned because school was starting soon, and we all had to be there for an awards assembly. I am trying to get a game plan while I am in bed, when we got a call. It was our neighbor with a message. While I muted the phone I listened to the conversation....

All Schools - CLOSED: Due to reports of dangerous road conditions for the morning commute, all schools will be closed Thursday for the safety of students and staff.

Rock on! I said a "Woo-hoo!" (literally) and hopped back in bed like a little girl. I was actually excited to have my kids home with me, and have a snow day all day for my birthday. It was going to be good.

So I pulled out a book and relaxed while breakfast made its way to me. Breakfast, cards, songs, and love were all awesome. The morning commenced with snuggles in bed, planning for the day, and lots of lazy fun. Martin did have to work for a few hours, but would soon come home to me.

I won't bore you with the rest of the details, but let's just say this. Between the emails, phone calls, gifts at the door, DINNER from my visiting teachers, and all the birthday songs from my family, I was one busy, loved birthday girl. Thank you for thinking of me.

I will leave you with one last story...

As my visiting teacher was dropping off dinner, she asked my kids, "So how old is your mom?" They all answered matter of factly "29". I could tell by the look on her face that she was trying to decided whether that was just an age that I gave my kids so that I seem younger, or if that really was my age. I laughed and said, this is probably the only time in my life that when my kids say I am 29, it's the truth!

So far, being 29 ain't so bad.... Ask me again when I am 30!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"Did you blog today?"

Oh my sweet husband that I love... as I was pleading my case to just go to bed and forgo the nightly rounds of Mario Kart, my husband, grasping for anything that would allow him to stay up just a little bit longer looks at me in all seriousness.... "Did you blog today?" oooo the nerve! I said "No, and come to think of it, I didn't yesterday either!" Okay, okay, he won! And while we are on the subject of my love, he has some incredible news. Never before have we seen this... are you ready for it?

We officially have a 9,000 racer, with the wii wheel, mind you, in our house. What does this translate to you? Let's just say, Martin has finally reached a goal he has been working on for a very long time. Who says we are not a goal setting family?! So honey, here ya go, I blogged for the day, AND I made you famous. Now here is the question, can my honey beat your honey up in a Mario Kart race?

Monday, March 16, 2009

Max and Ruby

Have you ever seen the show Max and Ruby? You know, it's the show where they have Ruby, a bunny who is probably the age of around 8 or 9, and Max who is probably around 3 or 4. Strangely enough, there are no parents around.... ever.... just their Grandma who comes over for special occasions. The nice thing is, Ruby has an endless supply of patience! I have learned a lot from that dear little bunny. Oh but she is tricky! Sometimes she gets this mischievous spark and does silly things to Max. Like be a model, or play doctor... in one episode, she dresses Max up..... I couldn't help but feel a kinship between the two of them and my little bunnies... I present to you my "Max" dressed by his sister "Ruby".

Yes my friends, he is in a dress. The great thing is, he came down all smiles! He knew he looked pretty! Twirl Hyrum twirl, like your life depended on it!

Oh the shame... I think it caught up with him. Yes Hyrum, you may see this in a future yearbook tribute. All thanks to your sister, Ruby.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I have been sufficiently reprimanded!

Okay... okay... I have been called to repentance by many and will now promise to post every day for the next week to try and make up for all of the lost time. If it makes you feel any better, I have posted on Rebecca Phoebe's blog :)

So let's see... this is how my February went... among other things....

No BUTTS about it... it was BUSY! :)
(thanks Hyrum!)

100th Day of School is always fun. In the past we have done 100 pennies in their birth year, but this time Aaron and I decided to do 100 cupcakes on an apron. He is quite the little chef in the kitchen so I figured it could serve a dual purpose! He worked really hard on it and it turned out great!

Around this time of year is also Valentines Day. I have the great, crazy fun of being Tyler's room mom. He loves it and I love being the cool mom. :) Tyler's class party went great except Tyler's teacher was really sick so we had a substitute. It was also at the end of the day, so the substitute was about done being there! By the end of the party, he had completley submitted his will to the class and let me try to control the now sugar crazed kids. Let's just say, THANK YOU Primary training! :)

As I mentioned before, Aaron is a great cook and loves to help. For his birthday this year, we thought it would be fun to invite a few friends over and have a cooking party. Aaron and I sat down a few weeks earlier to plan it all out. Unbeknown to us, we did not know we were not going to have an oven when his party arrived! It had been taken to a rental unit we had, so I had to order a new one... ahh... poor me... the kicker was, it wasn't going to be in for a few weeks. So this is what Aaron and I settled on. He helped me make some sugar cookie dough, then I used a neighbor's house to bake them in. (Thanks Kim!) Then for his birthday we frosted them and had a great time. (Stay tuned later this week for a tribute to Aaron for his birthday)
Wait... what's this you see? Can it be an oven box? Yes my friends it is! I salvaged the box from the delivery boys. I was quite the hero as I hoisted it inside. Literally... my kids CHEERED! :) I know, I know, I am the best mom! And then I read the side of the box... "Under no circumstances should you allow your very excited children to use their imagination and play in around or through the box, or you could possibly sue us." Honestly! :) Well, I couldn't take it away from them then! Notice the door that had been promptly made by Tyler with his 4-inch knife he bought with his own money. Finally, a use for it!
So here it is... I LOVE my new oven! It is so nice to clean! Thank you house that needed my old one!
So after we started the process of getting a new one, we accessed the condition of our other appliances, though they all functioned well, the parts on all of them were breaking and making it very tedious... okay I know, I am going out on a limb, but our other rental units could use our other appliances as well... so here we go... here is my new kitchen... :) WOO-HOO! :)

So because of my new appliances, I got enough courage, thanks to the advice of the master painter DeeDee, I painted my kitchen/dining room/family room. I love the colors and it totally changes in the feel. Here are few poorly shot pictures that kind of shows what it looks like. The kitchen/dining area and half of the family room is a light beige, and the rest is a "creme brulee"
It took some getting used to, but I really like it.

So of course this doesn't capture all that I had going on for February, but it gives you a good idea! I am excited to post this week, so hopefully I will make good on my promise. Thank for being patient with me with my lack of posting!