Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A special day for Tyler

Tyler's true spirit shined all day. He looked so handsome in his white clothes. They say that the eyes are a window to the soul. His eyes twinkled and shined. I loved watching Tyler's mannerisms before the baptism was to start. He was so excited, his little body couldn't contain his large spirit any longer. He literally bounced up and down on the balls of his feet with his face glowing. I had little glimpses into the future when he will be dressed in white again. I also had glimpses into the past when I knew I had been chosen to bring a special son of God into this world.

Tyler, I am so proud of you. You strive every day to be the boy you should. I know you get frustrated when you make a wrong choice, but I will love you no matter what.

When I looked back through the pictures, guess what? I didn't find ONE with you by yourself! Do you know why? It's because you attract people to you like hummingbirds to a feeder. Everyone loves to be with you. You are a leader.

Thank you for who you are and the choice you made on a crisp March morning.

I love you.

Monday, April 6, 2009

A peek at the Denver Temple

My kids have been off-track for over a week now. For most of that week, my van has been dead, thanks to the lights being left on, mysteriously by none of my kids... uh, huh ;). Anyhoo, it finally got jumped last Friday and I had lots of errands to run. We were all dying to get out of the house, so anything was a welcome guest.

One of those errands was by the temple. It was a beautiful day, but it wasn't to last too long. A storm was rolling in. As we made it to the temple, the sun was no longer shining and there was even a little bit of rain falling. I left the desicion up to the kids, and they all agreed to brave the storm. I am so glad they did! I took some really great shots, even if they were in jackets that were too big/small for them. (I wasn't prepared for rain! :) )

I added a lot of pictures, just because I couldn't decide between them.
At this point, a lot of people were gathering outside, and in the inside breezeway. At first, I was going to have the kids look in the first set of doors but then decided that it would be okay to go in one more set.

As we walked in, I saw the sense of wonder on my kids faces. They immediately calmed themselves as they looked around them. I had all of my kids gather around me as I came down to their level. I pointed through the glass at all of the things they could see.

We watched as a man came into the temple and gave the temple worker his recommend. I explained the process of why that was important. I also showed them how all of the temple workers wore white clothing, and that I too would change into white clothing after I arrive. I pointed to various things, and while looking at all the details that I usually just rush by every time, my heart pricked with the things of eternity. I felt so grateful for this impromptu look inside as my children were gathered under my wing. While most of them could only look through the bottom glass door, someday all of them will have the opportunity to walk in standing tall, and there be able to make sacred covenants that will then extend to their own children.

My glimpse into eternity was a sweet one that day.
The picture above was taken shortly after we got there and the picture below was about halfway through. I am so glad the sun came out!
Emily took this one, didn't she do a great job! The camera was straight and everything!
As we walked around the grounds, I struggled between keeping the kids completely reverent verses allowing their sweet exuberant spirits to come through. I tried to think if Heavenly Father would be disapproving of my boys climbing one of His trees. The mommy side in me wanted to have them at my side at all times, with arms folded and a whisper with every word, and then my mind wandered to my husband who has been pivotal in letting my children, especially my boys, explore and let their energy come through. I hoped that Heavenly Father was okay with His sons enjoying His creations.

What was funny, was Emily behaved exactly like me! Her arms were folded most of the time. She would look at the flowers and was so calm the majority of the time. There are in inherent differences between male and female. I love having a girl to balance us out!

As the tour went on, the sun started to shine little by little. As we shed our jackets, the temple seemed to have illuminated all the more. Following my children around was a sweet experience as we explored every nook and cranny of the outside grounds. It seems as if children in their natural curiosity allow us to go places and do things that we ordinarily wouldn't have done if we were by ourselves. Their free spirits infected me that day as I allowed myself to relax and enjoy in the peaceful aura that illuminates being on holy ground.
How grateful I am for temples. Grateful almost seems an understatement as I contemplate never being able to be with Phoebe, my daughter again. But I can and I will! How sweet it was to be surrounded by all of my children. I am sure Phoebe wasn't too far away as we went to the temple that day. If you would like more information about our temples, click here.