Friday, October 9, 2009

100th POST!!

I happened to notice that my next post would be my 100th.  I am at a point in my life that I need/want to be very conscientious about the things that I have been blessed with... here we go... (this is more for me, than for you, don't feel obligated to read :)  )

I am Grateful that/for:

100.  Today the sun is shining through my gorgeous red maple
99.  I woke up in my husband's strong arms holding me tight
98.  My children tell me randomly throughout the day that they love me.  And sometimes, they even wake me up in the middle of the night to make sure I know it.
97.  Peanut butter gets gum out of everything
96.  I love watching my children grow into their own.
95.  I love how chocolate does true healing for the soul
94.  I watched my four boys standing/sitting around the computer and I fast forward in my mind seeing this band of brothers being a force for good
93.  Comfy pants are my friend.
92.  I get to be pregnant again.  And so far so good
91.  Music is my escape when I need to feel heaven closer
90.  I am reminded daily that I am not alone in my earthly journey
89.  For my home
88.  For the mountains that I see glimpses of when I drive around town
87.  Seeing snow fall, watching it cover all that is dirty and unclean, and seeing it transform things to into "new" again.
86.  Good food
85.  Excercise and the way it makes me feel after a good workout
84.  The miracle of modern medicene and the chance to use it any time
83.  My new leather sofas! :)
82.  Good games to play with family and friends
81.  Neighbors who care and are good friends
80.  My husband when he stares at me like I am the only thing that matters
79.  When Tyler feels my sadness coming on and transforms into the most sensitive person I know.  He has saved me many times.
78.  Family time.  The pure magic of laughter and memories being made.
77.  I am not on bed rest and am able to take care of my children.
76.  Family Home Evening and the chance to teach my kids anything important
75.  Changing of seasons- the old fading away, and embracing the new
74.  Aaron's ability to plant ANYTHING and it will grow.  He has a gift!
73.  Family that has been there time and time again.  Even if I won't ever be able to repay.
72.  My family is healthy in every sense of the word. 
71.  Watching Dad wrestle/play with the children and the way he can make everyone feel included.
70.  Heavenly Father has always provided us with necessities.
69.  Even though permanent marker has NOT come out of our new leather couch, it reminds me, that I won't have a 2-year-old forever.  Strangely enough, I will miss it.
68.  When my kids help their siblings, not because they were asked, but because they saw a need
67.  The way Ammon questions everything and is not satisfied until he understands
66.  The opportunity we have to choose in every decision and that are kids know they can choose for themselves as well.
65.  The way I feel when I am in the temple.  All my earthly sorrows seem to melt away. 
64.  Laughter.
63.  My ability to play the piano. 
62.  Warm fluffy jackets when it's cold outstide
61.  When the Spirit speaks and I listen and do
60.  Talking to my "phone-a-friends"  You know who you are! :)
59.  Having a clean house.  I feel so accomplished! (not today though :)  )
58.  Emily's desire to be a mom "when she grows up"
57.  Tickles!
56.  Good books to read that leave you wanting to change your life for the better, or gets you thinking about something you have never thought of before
55.  Shoes.  I have become somewhat of a shoe-a-holic.
54.  Going on a date with the honey
53.  Scrapbooking!
52.  Friends who care enough to care
51.  Kids who play without being destructive!
50. I am loved unconditionally by my kids and husband.
49.  Hyrum... if I try to expound, it would take up the rest of the numbers!  :)
48.  For blessings that are given, when I didn't know I needed them
47.  Martin's ability to reach down and pull me up when I saw no way out
46.  Family vacations.  There is something about getting away from the day to day and just having FUN
45.  That I have a bank account.  With money in it.
44.  Watching my kids learn new things and see the light turn on
43.  I live in a free country, free from bondage, and protected by brave men and women.
42.  For the luxury's that I often take for granted, like running water, electricity, heat.
41.  Computers!  They make things SO much easier.
40.  Callings that make you learn and grow.
39.  People that listen to the Spirit and help
38.  Elder Bednar's talk about his experiences with family scripture study and family prayer in this last conference.
37.  TV shows that are wholesome and let me veg out every once in a while.
36.  The way it feels when I do service
35.  Listening to the accomplishments of my children when they are so proud of what they did.
34.  The examples of others when it comes to parenting.  I have MANY role models.
33.  My mother-in-law and her involvement in my children lives. 
32.  Teamwork.  Everything goes better when everyone pitches in.
31.  Hugs.
30.  Smiles
29. Knowing looks and small notes
28.  Shopping! 
27.  Kids saying thank you without being prompted
26.  Feeling an overwhelming feeling of love towards my family and the blessing it is to have them
25.  Organizing, even it will be undone not long after
24.  Getting a GOOD night sleep
23.  Traveling.  I love to travel!  Airplanes, hotels, sights, everything
22.  My kids have good friends. 
21.  Small initmate moments with my kids.  When hopefully they know that they ARE my world
20.  Blogs and the chances to catch up without a conversation (is that bad?!?)
19.  My ring that I always wear that reminds me of my daughter.
18.  Hearing my kids pray and what they pray for.
17.  Reading books to my kids and having them all gathered around me
16.  Seeing my kids struggle with a problem and see them rise triumphant all on their own
15.  The trust that our children have in us, their very imperfect parents
14.  Friends that will love me no matter what
13.  Obedience and the freedom that comes with it
12.  The Book of Mormon and the power that comes into my life when I read and apply it.
11.  The chaos that is constantly in my home.  Without the chaos, my house would be lonely!
10.  Living prophets who are on the watchtower.
9.  The blessings of the Spirit to calm my troubled heart
8.  The power of the priesthood
7.  For my "Liberty Jails" that teach me of the blessings to come and that it is worth all the heartache and afflictions
6.  For the temple so that I am sealed to ALL of my family
5.  For wet kisses, tears to dry, hearts to mend, and knees to clean
4.  Angels
3.  My children.
2.  My husband.
1.  Eternal Perspective

I have much to be grateful for.  My life is blessed. 

Thursday, October 1, 2009

What a Night!

As part of my church responsibilities, twice a year, my board and I put on leadership training for those who teach the children in our church. Last night, we had our 2nd one of the year. It went great! My section consisted of the following:

We had 4 different rotations and I had the "Arapahoe Stake Primary Resource Room". I had gone to Salt Lake City for a day trip just to go to the resource room they have there. I took a lot of pictures and based the room off those. After many hours of formatting and trying to print the papers, I think it turned out quite well. You will have to excuse the ghetto chairs. There were definitily NOT enough easels to go around so we had to improvise! :)

Okay... that was the last picture! The one above is a roller box where you can have the children or in our case, the adults, make artwork, attach it to the dowel and tape all the pictures together to make a scroll. I made 11 of these boxes, one for each ward. It was fun putting all the pieces together.

We had a really good turn out, the Spirit was there, and I think all had fun. I have GREAT ladies to work with! Now on to the Primary Programs! :)

Da Bear....

Are you surprised when you visit my blog and I have actually UPDATED it?!? :) Thanks for being faithful.... :)So Ammon is an official Bear. He worked hard to get it and is very excited to be a Webelo next month. He is so cute whenever he gets his awards. He tries not to show how proud he is, but it just beams from him...

You'll notice our beautiful family picture... the bunny ears.... the casual choking... ahhh... my family... :)

Way to go Ammon! We love you!