Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I love the golf course.  I have never played with Martin.  Ever.  And yet, there is something about it when we drive by whenever we go to Target (which is NEVER I might add... Savvy does NOT kick her feet like crazy and squeal like a little piggie in excitement when we pull up into the parking lot and love to stick her little finger out and touch the magical red ball... okay yeah, it's all the time but what can I say...)  Anyway, I love to hear Hyrum spout out all the memories he has with his dad and brothers.  The girls have been crashing the party lately and its been kinda fun.

Ahh.  The sand trap.  Pretty sure they didn't mind the shower of sand that came upon them trying to get there ball out.  I have come to realize that the golf course is really just a big playground with the excuse to get dirty in a "clean sport."  Maybe that's why the boys like it so much. 

Emily and Aaron took it upon themselves to ensure the sand was properly cared for.  And then made sure that it wasn't....

I love, love, love, watching Martin put his CSU golf class to work in teaching the kids.  He is so patient and I love watching the kids learn from him.  This shot below kind of gives you the idea of what it is like to golf with the Michel family.  We don't take it over at all.... The employees are really kind to our family and have never left us feeling unwelcome.  So glad the kids can have a positive experience.

I love the above sweet tender shot.  I love how perfectly Martin towers over Hyrum as if to suggest that Hyrum is protected from everything around him.  Sports speak to this little boy and if you take the time to play one with him, you have him in your hand.  Love that little boy.

And then there's me.  My first shot.  Pro?  I think so.... ;)
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