Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Snapshots of what we have been up to!

The joys and challenges of having a large family means that you are busy all the time.  One kid or the other is always doing something.  The result?  Lots of pictures and not a lot of time to post them!  I have been having a lot of fun doing things as a family and with all of the milestones that have been reached in the last few months.

I love seeing the individual triumphs of each member of the family including myself and Martin.  I see so much growth and strength that I am humbled by the things they teach me.  I am overwhelmed at the amount of pictures and stories that need to be told on this family blog, but I am determined to let my kids know how precious they are to me. 

A part of the reason for my long blog break was a frustration within myself for the lack of sharing of my personal learning and growth.  I have so many thoughts that come to me, life changing ones that I would think could benefit someone else.  I go to write them down and then become self-deprecating that maybe these really aren't all that "amazing".  A personal goal for my blog for here on out is to not just share a "photo journey of our family" but from time to time to have enough guts to share what I have on my mind.  It is my goal for my kids to know me personally.  Not just as mother and teacher, but as a person with weaknesses and strengths just like them.  So... wish me luck....

Without further a do, a few pictures before the storm of posts trying to catch up!
We love bowling!  I guess it could have been the competitive Wii tournaments we have at home, but for some reason we always have a great time.  Emily cracked me up whenever it was her turn. 
The zoo.  We live there.  Almost.  I have been bringing these two boys since they were babies!  I love how close they are.  I love the fact that the train is still a cool place to ride. Hope it lasts!  :)

Spring storms.  Love love love Tyler's child-like wonder.  He has always had this wonderment with the smallest of details.  I can always count on him to help me notice things I would have otherwise overlooked. 

I am pretty sure I have the same picture of me at about the same age doing the exact same thing.  So cute!  :)
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Martin said...

I love your blog! You can do this ;)

raedene said...

I love you Becca! :) Man, we miss you guys!!!! The kids are getting so BIG! I love catching up with your fam... xoxoxo

raedene said...

Oh, and LOVE the new family pic! XOXO

raedene said...
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Valerie said...

That one of Emily is ADORABLE!! And that last one of Savannah kills me! Oh, and the boys look cute, too! :) Way to go photo mom!

ganelle said...

Love the snow picture! Gorgeous!

Laura said...

We most definitely have a clone of the ice cream cone one. Except you are mostly bald. :)

Check with Kelpy. She's got 'em all now.